You are entitled to a long-term career in supply chain and logistics with our guidance and training.
Supply Chain &
Logistics Management

Supply Chain & Logistics Management refers to the governance of processes that plan, implement and control the efficient flow and storage of goods, services, finances & information between various stakeholders—suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers—to meet customer requirements and acquire a competitive edge.

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Are you a school/college student wanting to acquire useful, real-world skills? A fresher looking for a stable career?  An experienced professional aiming to advance your prospects in Supply Chain & Logistics management? Our training is just what you need. Moreover, we also facilitate your placements in the best of organisations in India!

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With world-class, always up-to-date courses, our training, assessments and certifications will give you the much-needed edge in a crowded job market to establish a meaningful, valuable and sustainable career. We will ensure you become a Supply Chain & Logistics specialist when you learn from our experienced faculty of leading industry experts.








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